Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Homey Halflings

I don't use halflings. I don't care for halflings. I don't want halflings.

In most worlds (Dragonlance seems to be the exception) halflings are content little creatures (although Eberron made them tribal, dinosaur taming barbarians), that according to their cannon, would rather just stay home. Hell, in the 0e D&D book I think they could only reach level 4 or 5! They are not adventurers. Not to me anyways.

In my own worlds, halflings just don't exist. When I run in published worlds, I find it doesn't change the world cannon pretty much at all if I simply change halflings into humans (Dragonlance's Kender would be the exception, if I ever ran anything in that world).

In my S&W hack and Adventures in the East Mark, I only allow Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. And I keep the level limits.

In 5e, it's the same so far. When the PHB comes out I'll post my list of races I allow in my games.

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