Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Six-Gun Gorilla and Umbral

Read Six-Gun Gorilla and the first volume of Umbral over the weekend. I liked them both.
How could I say no to that cover?
Six-Gun Gorilla was 1) filled with beautiful, cartoony artwork. The coloring just worked as well. The script had us following a guy who had just enlisted into the army to fight a war against the rebels. He's depressed from a break-up and was using the enlistment as a form of suicide. You find out very early that the type of enlistment he did was basically to be killed for other people's......enjoyment?? That's not really the right word. People can "tune-in" to watch the war through his eyes and feel what he feels to get a rush. If that's all Six-Gun Gorilla was (notice I haven't even talked about the gorilla yet), it would be a bad book (for me at least). Instead, through a weird coincidence, the main character stumbles into a story and causes an even bigger revolution. For me, it had a nice resolution that spoke to the current (and long lasting) status of the Comic Book Industry. Namely, "How does it end." (that'll make sense when you read this book). I don't know if that's what the writer intended, but it's what I got out of it. It's about imagination and telling stories. I don't want to write about anything more because I don't want to spoil anything. Except the Gorilla talks. And dual-wields giant six shooters. Which is awesome.

Long story short. I like the book. It left me with a good feeling. I felt like I got a message, but didn't feel beat over the head with it, but I may also be reading into it. This is probably the worst review ever, but I'm not a professional writer. *shrugs*

Dark Fantasy Fun
Umbral is probably slightly better written than Six-Gun Gorilla, but it is also an ongoing, so it has more time to spend with the world building. And world build it does. But not to the detriment of the story. The main character is a street thief named Rascal who is friends with the prince of the realm. They apparently have the plan to steal the special jewel/relic of the nation for some reason that's not really explained. But it doesn't matter cause everything goes to crap. Demon-shadows (the Umbral) are back (never left?) and now are hunting our little Rascal (had to). By the end of the book she has her side cast (one of which could be a traitor), we know who the current villain is, generally what their plan is, but there are still tons of questions to be answered. Again, the art on this book is gorgeous as well. It's rough in all the right ways and I hope the artist stays on till the end. I'm looking forward to the next volume to be released.

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