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Comic Talk: 12/2/2015

This was a lightish week, but still pretty solid. I did splurge a little and buy some things I wasn't planning on....but I did resist the deluxe Rat Queens hardcover.....for now.

Paper Girls #3

4 out of 5

This series has been solid, if weird, from the start. But I've liked pretty much everything that Brian K. Vaughan has written. The writing continues to be solid, building on the mystery of what happened (is happening still) in the first issue. Cliff Chiang's art and story telling has rocked the series so far. His panel layout is clear and the panels themselves are usually well laid out. Enough detail to get what's going on, not enough to confuse. The lettering, inking, and coloring all work very well together in finishing off a pretty great comic.

Side note; I really like the line art with one solid color background for these covers. Very pretty.

Annd...sadly that's it for creator owned comics I picked up this week. The rest are all Marvel and DC stuff.

Daredevil #1

4 out of 5 on a unbiased scale; 2 out of 5 for me personally...except for the art. That stays a 4.

New volume by Charles Soule and Ron Garney. I wasn't planning on picking this book up, but I liked the cover, have a passing interest in the character, and flipped through it. I was blown away by the art. I love it. It has a Riley Rossmo quality to it, but is less sketchy and adheres more to the "heroic" body types for the characters.

Unfortunetly, while the story was fine, Matt Murdock did something that caused everyone to forget that he's Daredevil except Foggy who is not pleased with Matt, it didn't grab me as much as the art did. Everything about this book is solid. Panel layouts are great. Lettering is laid out in a non-distracting, easy to follow way. Story sets up whats going to happen over the next arc very well.

Just wasn't feeling it.

Invincible Iron Man #3

4 out of 5

This book continues to be my favorite solo super hero book. But to be fair, I'm not actually reading very many. This book has a super clean art style, witty and fun dialog, the lettering is executed perfectly, the story continues to move at a good pace. I love it.

There is one part of the book I would have preferred different and "hurts" the book. There's a two-page spread that has Tony in his armor garage talking to his AI (Friday) trying to figure out what's going on. There's an arc of back and forth dialog going from the top left to the middle right of the two pages. Everything is fine. Except for some reason the pages are broken up into 3 rows of 8 rectangular panels. For no reason that I can see. It's like looking at a single image spread out over 24 TVs in the portrait position. Just distracting. Other than that. Great book. Lots of fun.

Spidey #1

3 out of 5

Brand new series from Robbie Thompson (whom my wife loves from his episodes of Supernatural and his run on Silk). This series is telling "in continuity" stories (if you care about that stuff) of teenage Peter Parker dealing with high school and being Spider-man. It was fun. The art works. Is a little busy and some layouts are a little hard to follow. But the writing had me laughing. 

Once my wife reads it and likes it, it'll be added to our list. If she doesn't... its fun, but I don't have a burning desire to follow that book monthly, but it's definitely worth a look if you're looking for some solid Spider-man stories and don't want to deal with whatever adult Peter is doing with his international business ventures. Despite being fun, this is very much a "been there, done that" kind of story/series. But I grew up watching the 90's cartoon.

Robin's War #1

2 out of 5

The big(?) crossover event going on with the "lesser" bat-books starts here! It's meh. A round robin of art styles accents an OK at best story. The two redeeming things in the book are 1) Damian beating up Mecha-Bunny (I love me some Damian) and 2) The Court of Owls having plans for Dick Grayson (one of my favorite DC characters. Now if only we could get a good series with Hawkgirl or Zatanna...) and mentioning that "Nightwing will rise" or something like that. I've been mostly enjoying Grayson since its launch, but it's felt like its been floundering for a couple issues. I'm gonna give Grayson until this crossover is over to get it's shit together or it's gone.

OK...A little bit of a tangent. Basically, don't bother with Robin's War #1 unless you need to collect the cross over event.

Robin: Son of Batman #3-5

3.5 out of 5 for all three on average (I normally hate the .5 thing, but I can't separate them at the moment)

I picked up this series when it launched. I liked it, but I was (am) reading a lot books and it didn't quite make the cut then. I figured, now that it has a few more issues out (and they were actually in stock at my comic shop), I'd see how it was doing. 

I do that from time to time on a series I was on the fence about cutting, but did. My wallet hates me.

Overall, they were a good set of books. Damian is trying to make reparations for things he did during his Year of Blood when he was still being raised by Talia and running around with the Nobody II (daughter of the original Nobody, who I believe Damian killed) and that interaction is fun to read. Patrick Gleason's art is...fine. The storytelling is good, but some of the figures and faces are a little weird. Not "bad", just weird. I personally don't mind it. The results of Damians good works are a nice twist to what could have been a plodding over plot that could have gone on for too long.

It was fun. I say that a lot, but I like comics. I like super hero comics. But, I tend to do at least passing research before I buy into a series and figure out if it could be something I'd like. Most of the time, that's true. Occasionally, I get a stinker. Rarely, I pick up a terrible book. Not because I'm some great officianado. It's because I'm not made of money. If I had more money, there'd be a lot more books in this post, and a lot of them would be more "It's ok. Pick it up if this sounds like something you'd like."

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