Friday, December 18, 2015

Criticals and Fumbles the Second

I don't mind the critical and fumble rules I've already talked about (here and here), but I wonder if the tables are worth the effort of remembering and keeping track of (as little as that is) and if something that just happens when the appropriate number, no extra randomness on top, would be better.

So, If I was to come up with something other than the tables, I'd probably do this:


A natural 20 is an automatic hit and, if that roll plus modifiers actually hits your target, it is also a critical hit. A critical hit causes maximum damage and ignores your targets armor.


A natural 1 is an automatic miss and, if that roll plus modifiers actually misses your target, it is also a fumble. A fumble potentially breaks your weapon. Roll a die based on the quality of your weapon and if you get a 1, your weapon breaks:
    • d6 - Poor
    • d8 - Average/Standard
    • d10 - High/Superior
    • d12 - Master crafted
    • d20 - Magic


This is super simple, should play very quickly and packs a lot of punch. Especially if you're a thief and and get a critical backstab. Ouch.

I dunno. I'll have to talk to my group and see what they want to do because I can't decide. They, being players, will most likely opt for the tables because they're gamblers. 

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