Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fumbles The First

If I'm going with what I talked about before for crits, I feel fumbles should work in a similar fashion. So that means another table!

Fumbles happen the same way as criticals, just in reverse; roll a natural 1 on an attack roll, then roll a d6 for the table. There is one exception to this rule though. If rolling a 1 and adding all your modifiers would still result in a hit, you don't fumble, but you still miss.


1-2: Drop Weapon - Your weapon drops to your feet. You can pick it up on your next turn.

3-4: Break Weapon - You have to roll a die based on your weapon quality (thanks to Alexis; and an assist from the Jovial Priest just for the modified quality table he has) :
    • Poor - d6
    • Ordinary/Standard - d8
    • Well Made/Quality - d10
    • Master Crafted - d12
    • Magic - d20
If you roll a 1 on this die, your weapon breaks.

5-6: Leave an Opening - You leave an opening and your opponent takes advantage and gets a free attack on you.

This should work and be fine. Also, easy enough to remember during play, much like the critical tables.

I haven't started using this yet. I've been just using the "Fumble = Target gets free attack on you". It's fine. It's quick too.

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