Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So, partially because of this post (and this follow-up), I was reminded of how little I've done and remembered this little site that kept getting pushed off to "tomorrow" until I almost forgot about it.

This post is to signal a fresh start. I'm not removing any of my old posts (of which there are more than I remember doing), but I may retread some of the same, or similar, ground.

Things I plan on covering:

  • House rules to the system I use
  • Info on my world
  • Session recaps for the game I'm running (and reflecting on how I screwed up)
  • Comic reviews
  • Book reviews
There will be other posts that don't fall into those categories based on events happening, or other random stuff (board games, movies, TV shows, my baby, etc), but most post should fall into those categories.

Hope you enjoy the ride.

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