Monday, February 22, 2016


Continuing on with the Warriors group of classes, we come to the Berserker next.

Requirements: Str 13+, End 13+
Races Allowed: Dwarf, Human, and Mul
Weapons: Any three melee weapon proficiencies of the character's choice and shields. Non-proficiency penalty: -3.
Saving Throws: +2 bonus to all Str and End based saving throws.
HD: 1d10 (+4 at 10th level and above)
CS: +1 at level 1 and +1 every level beyond that.
Saves: 16 at level 1, and gets better by 1 every level until the maximum of 6 at level 11.
Class Features: Battle-rage, Fast Movement, Bully, Bear totem (9th level), Greater Rage (13th level).

Battle-rage: Berserkers can enter in a furious state during combat, unable to tell friend from foe. They gain a +1 bonus to hit, +3 to damage, and 2 temporary bonus hit points per level (only the hit points are level based). The rage ends with the combat or after a number of rounds equal to the berserker's Endurance score. When it ends, the remaining temporary hit points disappear, and the character is fatigued (suffering a -2 penalty to all rolls) until having rested for at least 30 minutes. During a rage, berserkers can only fight the closest, immediate targets in melee combat, get a +3 bonus to any check made to break things, and are immune to mind-affecting magic and fear effects.
Fast Movement: Berserker's move 10ft faster than normal members of their race.
Bully: Berserkers add their level to any check made to intimidate others through the force of arms, or with threatening behavior.
Bear Totem: At level 9, berserkers can, once per day, shape-change into a bear. They get a natural defense bonus of +1 (for size), Armor of 3, three attacks per round for 1d6/1d6 (claws) and 1d8 (bite), the bears movement, but retain their own hit-points, ability scores, saves, etc. Once returning to normal shape, they regain 1d8 hit points.
Greater Rage: At level 13, berserkers get a +2 bonus to hit and +5 to damage (instead of +1/+3) during a rage, and are no longer fatigued when it ends. All other effects remain the same.

Not much different than Fantastic Heroes & Witchery as written. I removed the number of times that a berserker can rage in a day, figuring that being fatigued afterward and not being able to tell friend from foe were penalty enough. I also added Fast Movement to allow them to get to their opponents that much faster and increased the damage bonus on Greater Rage by 1 to make it a little nicer since it's a level 13 bonus (my current maximum level.

Seems like a fun version of the class and I'm surprised that the player who made a Mul made a fighter rather than a Berserker based on his personality.

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