Thursday, March 3, 2016


Little longer of a break than I meant to have between posts...but here it is:

Continuing on with the Warriors group of classes, we come to the Brutes. I didn't need to do too much description of what a Fighter or Berserker were, as they've been in most versions of D&D (or were added later by TSR or fan material). The Brute on the other hand, is "new" as far as I know. It's based of the Thick Brute class in Fantastic Heroes & Witchery (go buy it), which is an extra class later in the book. It is just a fighter type who excels at dealing damage and having a lot of hit points. The Mountain that Rides from Game of Thrones is a good example. The raw version just gave a bonus to damage and increased effectiveness with fists. I thought it was a little boring and not super useful or fun to play so I made it more about fighting with two handed weapons. Not as defensive minded or battle leader as the fighter, but more HP and deals a bit more damage.

Requirements: Str 13+, End 16+
Races Allowed: Dwarf, Human, and Mul
Weapons: Any six weapon proficiencies of the character's choice. Non-proficiency penalty: -2.
Saving Throws: +2 bonus to all Str and End based saving throws.
HD: 1d12 (+5 at 10th level and above)
CS: +1 at level 1 and +1 every level beyond that.
Saves: 16 at level 1, and gets better by 1 every level until the maximum of 6 at level 11.
Class Features: Athletic Skills, Power Attack, Brute Force (3rd level), Cleave (5th level).

Athletic Skill: Brutes add their level to all skill checks that mostly rely on Strength or Endurance, such as breaking things, moving heavy objects, running, jumping, swimming, climbing ropes, etc.
Power Attacks: When wielding a 2-handed weapon they are proficient in, roll damage dice twice and take the better result.
Brute Force: At 3rd level, Brutes gain a +1 bonus to all melee damage rolls with weapons they are proficient with and unarmed strikes. This bonus increases to +2 at 6th level, +3 at 9th level, +4 at 11th level, and +5 at 13th level.
Cleave: At 5th level, when you make a successful melee attack with a 2-handed weapon you are proficient with, you can deal half the damage you dealt to the original target to an opponent adjacent to the original target.

Should be a fun and offensively powerful class to play. I don't think it'll be too overpowered since it doesn't have the defensiveness of the other warriors (Only gets a +1 DEF bonus when using a shield, rather than the +3 for being proficient in it) and Cleave is pretty restrictive since you have to make sure your opponents are "lined up" right to take advantage of it...and if they're wearing good armor, you may not be dealing very much damage to that adjacent opponent.

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