Monday, March 7, 2016


Continuing on with the Warriors group of classes, we come to the Rangers. Biggest difference between this ranger and normal D&D rangers: no spells. This is something I like AND something that was in Fantastic Heroes & Witchery as written, so...that was pretty great.

Requirements: Str 9+, Per 11+, Agi 9+
Races Allowed: Elf, Elfmarked, Halfling, and Human
Weapons: Any four melee weapon proficiencies of the character's choice and shields. Non-proficiency penalty: -2.
Saving Throws: +2 bonus to all Str and End based saving throws.
HD: 1d10 (+4 at 10th level and above)
CS: +1 at level 1 and +1 every level beyond that.
Saves: 16 at level 1, and gets better by 1 every level until the maximum of 6 at level 11.
Class Features: Animal Empathy, Combat Marauders, Hunting Skills, Swift Tracker (9th level).

Animal Empathy: Rangers can calm and befriend domesticated animals instantly. Wild animals must roll a saving throw to resist a ranger's effect. The ranger imposes a -1 penalty to this save and an additional -1 for ever 3 levels (ie, -2 at 3rd, -3 at 6th, -4 at 9th, etc). If they save failes, the ranger can either calm or anger the animal. This ability cannot be used to more easily kill an animal, but can be used to capture and tame it.
Combat Marauders: Rangers possess an extraordinary ability to combat their most common foes, humanoids and giants, due to intense training and study of their enemy's fighting techniques. When fighting humanoids (bugbears, gnolls, goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, orcs and the like) or giants (giants, ogres, trolls, and the like), rangers inflict an extra amount of damage equal to their level.
Hunting Skills: Rangers add their level to skill checks to the following in wilderness settings, but only half their level (rounded down) when using the skills in urban environments:
          --Climbing (Str or Agi), Herbalism (Int), Stealth (Agi), Survival (Int), Tracking (Per)
Swift Tracker: At 9th level, rangers can move at their normal speed while following tracks without taking the normal -4 penalty.

Not much different than Fantastic Heroes & Witchery as written. I added the Herbalism skill because I wanted it separate from the Survival skill (which I view as finding food and shelter and knowing about weather and such). Herbalism (once I create/steal the list of things that can be found/turned into medicines) will cover the "this plant can be turned into a paste and speed up recovery time" and poison antidotes and such. Gives the ranger a bit more oomph.

Seems like a fun version of the class and I'm surprised that the player who made a Mul made a fighter rather than a Berserker based on his personality.

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